Aesthetics Clinic & Training Academy

Beauty Guild (GTi) and Alliance of Registered Aesthetic Practitioners (ARAP) accredited beauty practitioner in Southampton.

Aesthetics Treatments Available

Treatments are by appointment only, Tuesday  – Friday, 10am – 6pm and Saturdays, 10am – 4pm.

Please call 07954 379 820 or click here to send us a message.

Mini Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Excellent introduction to microdermabrasion. The skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated with the application of micro crystals, finished with your recommended moisturiser and skin protection, giving instant visible results. Buy a course of 5 and get the 6th FREE.

45 minutes / £45.00

Ultimate Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

This ultimate resurfacing treatment, complimented with the mini masque lift that soothes, cools and hydrates, whist lifting the contours of the skin. Buy a course of 5 and get the 6th FREE

60 minutes / £60.00


Dermaplaning is a skin exfoliation treatment that removes the dead skin as well as the fine hairs on the face also known as ‘ peach fuzz’. This very popular treatment can leave your skin feeling baby soft instantly glowing, smooth surface for a perfect foundation.

60 minutes / £55.00

Dermaplaning with light skin peel to brighten the skin further and address any fine lines and pigmentation.


LABthetics Chemical Skin Peels

Created by professionals who formulate, test and manufacture all products in house using only scientifically proven medical grade aesthetic ingredients backed by scientific research.

Glycolic 20% + 40%. Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Targets skin ageing. Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Even skin tone.

Latic Acid 20% + 40%. Brightens and rejuvenates dull skin. Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles offering a high moisturising effect.  Latic Acid stimulates the production of new collagen.

Facial with Peel & Mask

45 minutes / £65.00

LABthetics Facial

Created by professionals who formulate, test and manufacture all products in house using only scientifically proven medical grade aesthetic ingredients backed by scientific research.

Cleanse – Double Cleanse – Steam – Extraction – 20 minute massage – Mask

60 minutes / £55.00

Dermal Fillers

Injectable filler is a soft tissue filler injected into the skin at different depths to help fill in facial wrinkles, provide facial volume, and augment facial features: restoring a smoother appearance.

0.5mls/ £90.00

1.1mls/ £160.00

2.2mls (Package)/ £250.00

3.3mls (Package)/ £350.00

4.4mls (Package)/ £450.00

5.5mls (Package)/ £550.00

Russian Lips

This specific technique will shape the lips into a subtle heart shape with more volume near the centre. It tends to lift the lip rather than add excessive volume so it’s ideal those seeking a natural finish.


Filler Dissolve from £150.00

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

A naturally occurring protein called botulinum toxin (Botox) is injected into the specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles and lines that you wish to target. The treatment reduces the prominence of expression lines to achieve more youthful and radiant skin.

1 area / £115.00

2 areas / £180.00

3 areas / £210.00

Mesotherapy – Nappage Technique

Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin as well as remove excess fat.

Under eyes / £80.00

Full face / £120.00

Neck / £80.00

Face & neck / £180.00


Microneedling is a procedure that uses small needles that prick the skin to generate new collagen and elastin to promote smoother firmer skin.

The introduction of active serums can be used within this procedure, however it can be a stand alone treatment.  This can be carried out with a Skin Roller a Dermapen device.

Full face / £90.00

Neck / £60.00

Face & neck / £140.00

Fat Dissolving Injections

A safe effective treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area.

Course of treatments may be required for larger areas.  Fat cell membranes are broken down beneath the skin causing them to become unstable and eventually flushed out the body via the lymphatic system.  This process can take around 6-8 weeks.

Small areas / £120.00 per area

Large areas / £180.00 per area

PDO Threads Cogs and Mono Threads

PDO therapy is an effective cosmetic technique that lifts and tighten sagging skin tissues by inducing collagen production. PDO therapy can be used on the cheeks, brow, jawline, neck, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, arms, thighs and abdomen.

Fox Eye / £299.00

Full Face / Coming Soon…

Skin Boosters / Sunekos

An injectable treatment that uses a patented formula, combining amino acids with hyaluronic acid.  Sunekos regenerates, hydrates and plumps treated skin.

1 session / £199.00

2 sessions / £350.00

3 sessions / £550.00

4 sessions / £650.00

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

A safe and effective skin treatment to gently remove the top layer of roughened skin using dermal crystal abrasion.  This will improve skin texture and tone.  Recommended once a month for a course of 6 treatments to see improved clarity, smoothness, elasticity and feel of your skin.  Can help to treat Fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads and clogged pores, uneven skin tone, acne scaring, enlarged pores and excessive oil.

Per session / £45.00

Course of 4 / £150.00

Course of 6 / £225.00

Crystal Clear Comcit

The Frozen Facial provides the ultimate in Skin Rejuvenation Systems delivering beautiful youthful looking skin via Cryo Oxygen, Micro Channeling and Collagen Induction.  The COMCIT offers delivery of Cryo Oxygen whilst the microchannelling rollers create microscopic channels in the skin to drive a topical infusion of powerful skin ingredients into the skin.

Full face & neck / £120.00 per session

Course of 4 treatments / £400.00